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Power Board

Everyone longs for improved fitness, a well-toned body and a tight skin appearance. Desire and will exist but often a lack of time stands in the way of the perfect body. Our Powerboard offers short, effective workouts, without long hours in the gym and the scrutiny of others!regular workouts and exercise from the comfort of your own home! Besides its sensational effects, the flat, modern design, easy handling and mobility, thanks to integrated wheels, let the Powerboard become your new, best fitness friend.
In today‘s world, it becomes increasingly important to strengthen our own consciousness of health and fitness. The focus is on building and defining muscles to prevent widespread diseases such as back pain or arthropathy. With Powerboard performance, strength, elasticity, coordination and endurance are trained and improved in just one step!The extraordinary principle of the Powerboard is based on the imitation of the natural sequence of body movements. The powerful motor sets the platform into vibration which causes the same tilting movement of the pelvis as normal walking does. The body reacts instinctively with rhythmic muscle contractions. These do not even require great physical effort as muscles from head to toe are activated automatically.  Especially, the high number of repetitions leads to sensational results such as- stimulation of metabolism and blood flow- improved nutrient supplyOur diet plan also helps you to achieve your goals in the shortest time and brings your body and mind back in shape!


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